Change of Ownership

EdgeMarc Energy | Change of Ownership

All changes should be in writing and either mailed or emailed to the appropriate address listed below.


EdgeMarc Energy, LLC
Attn: Land Administrators
1800 Main Street, Suite 220
Canonsburg, PA 15317

PA Change of Ownership:

OH Change of Ownership:

All payees are required to provide a social security or tax identification number or Federal Law required tax withholding. All changes of ownership must be filed of record in the County where the property is located. Laws of agency preclude us from providing forms for conveying real property interest. However, you may contact an attorney, Legal Aid, or your local Bar Association for assistance in handling these matters. Address changes CANNOT be handled by telephone. A written request is required.

To submit your form please download this form and email, fax or mail back to EdgeMarc.

Address Change and/or Bank Change Change of Address Form needs to be submitted in writing with your signature.
Name Change:
(Due to marriage, divorce, etc.)
Marriage Certificate, divorce decree or other documents affecting name change
Name Change – Companies
(Due company changing its name, or due to a merger)
Certificate of merger or name change
New Tax ID (Form W9)
Appointment of Attorney-In-Fact Copy of Power of Attorney document
Interest owner died testate (with a will) Death certificate
Copy of the will
Copy of order admitting will to probate recorded to the proper deed records office
Letters testamentary or administration
Evidence that debts and taxes have been paid
Copy of Trust document if one was created through will
Interest Owner died intestate (without a will) Death certificate
Evidence of debt and taxes being paid
Affidavit of Death & Heirship Form
Conveyance of Interest Copy of recorded deed wherein you conveyed and/or received your interest in property to another party
Chapter 11
Plan of Reorganization
Order Confirming the Plan of Reorganization
Chapter 7 Recorded conveyance (as appropriate)
Order Naming Trustee of Bankruptcy Estate