EdgeMarc Energy | Environment


EDGEMARC ENERGY HOLDINGS, LLC permits all wells, well pads, and facilities utilizing the best available technologies and methods to minimize environmental impacts to an extent far beyond what is required by law.  EdgeMarc continues to receive praise from landowners, local officials, and state regulators regarding steps that we take to ensure that our operations move forward in a responsible manner.


EDGEMARC ENERGY HOLDINGS, LLC is committed to clean air in all areas in which it operates. This includes monitoring greenhouse gas emissions and tracking equipment in all phases of development.


EDGEMARC ENERGY HOLDINGS, LLC integrates into all facets of our business a corporate attitude encompassing good stewardship to the environment, current and/or prospective land owners, and royalty owners. We work to select operational sites that are engineered for a minimal amount of total earth disturbance and are therefore least invasive to native habitat and are operationally efficient. 

EDGEMARC ENERGY HOLDINGS, LLC utilizes a multi well pad approach in drilling and completion operations. Simply stated, instead of 5 well pads for a 5 well program, we drill 5 wells on one pad utilizing our proactive spacing initiatives that we have designed to meet and/or exceed all government regulations. EM also implements a standard that water for completions operations will be pumped from government agency approved sources as opposed to trucking water to locations thus reducing traffic on the roads in our local communities.


EDGEMARC ENERGY HOLDINGS, LLC understands that water is a valuable and limited resource. We work collaboratively with community members, scientists and regulators to obtain sustainable water resources, and to ensure our access to those resources does not have a detrimental impact on the environment. We strive to exceed regulatory standards in water sourcing, storage and transportation in our operating areas.

EDGEMARC ENERGY HOLDINGS, LLC recycles water at every opportunity. Our goal is to minimize fresh water consumption while maximizing water reuse.  We achieve this goal by strategically planning our operations, evaluating alternative treatment technologies, and pursuing water-sharing agreements with other operators.