Health, Safety, & Environment

HSE mission statement:

To operate our business in an environmentally friendly manner while providing a workplace that focuses on the safety and wellbeing of our employees and our business partners. Our commitment to HSE is grounded in accountability at all levels and is paramount to our success.



EdgeMarc’s HSE Policy guides our business in accordance with our Core Values to ensure that our occupational safety, health, and our environmental risks are diligently managed. Our compliance to the laws and regulations that govern our efforts are woven into the daily fabric of our work.

EdgeMarc HSE management system

    • Contractor Safety Management

As an organization which is highly dependent upon the success of our business partners and their commitment to HSE, we deploy a robust set of contractor HSE Management Principles. Beginning with a third party screening process, where we select our business partners based upon their HSE excellence. We follow through with routine field oversight to sustain a proactive culture around injury prevention and mitigation of environmental impact.

    • Engagement and Ownership

We deeply believe that only through the full engagement of our entire organization we can achieve HSE success. Our organization invests a significant amount of time identifying and correcting conditions and work practices which have potential to impact the well-being of individuals, and the environment. We believe in continuous improvement, to drive our organization towards sustainable HSE processes and performance.

    • Management of Change (MOC)

In order to adapt to changing circumstances and to implement HSE enhancements, a Management of Change Process is in place to ensure hazards are identified, risks are mitigated, and to provide for the protection of employee and business partner safety and health, and protection of the environment.

    • Standard Operating Procedures

To drive strong HSE performance we have deployed a set of Standard Operating Procedures to govern our work. Developed by functional experts and integrated into operations to obtain exceptional results.

    • Process Hazard Analysis

Process safety is a primary focus of our HSE Management System. Through risk analysis and the application of barriers, procedures, and processes we mitigate the likelihood of low probability events with significant potential impact from occurring.

Commitment to the Environment


EdgeMarc obtains all the necessary permits to safeguard our compliance with applicable regulations.


EdgeMarc is committed to clean air in all areas in which we operate. This includes monitoring greenhouse gas emissions in all phases of development, and leak detection and repair programs to test for and drive reduced air emissions in our locations.


We recognize that water is a valuable and limited resource. We strive to exceed regulatory standards in water sourcing, storage, and transportation. EdgeMarc recycles water at every opportunity. Our goal is to minimize fresh water consumption while maximizing water reuse.

EM recycles water at every opportunity. Our goal is to minimize fresh water consumption while maximizing water reuse.