HSE Management System

As part of EDGEMARC ENERGY HOLDINGS, LLC commitment to HSE Excellence and to ensure the best possible stewardship, we utilize qualified local contractors, vendors and suppliers to support our exploration and production activities. These contractors are selected based on their HSE, Quality of Work Performed and Past Performance to ensure their values are aligned with ours. Whether it is an engineering company, or a supplier of raw materials, we are proud to have these highly skilled contractors as business partners.

Our current practice of evaluating contractors is to utilize PICS as our pre-qualification service provider and if the contractor is maintaining an Active account and they are maintaining a Green Flag status, then we consider them for work.

As we move into the future, we will be instituting a more robust Contractor Safety Management System as described below:

Future Contractor Safety Management System


  1. Comply with our legal, insurance and procurement expectations as outlined in a fully executed MSA.
  2. Register with our pre-qualification service provider (PICS) and maintain an active account. Visitwww.picsauditing.com to get started.
  3. Maintain a GREEN FLAG status.
  4. TRIR/LTIR rates are in line with other companies within your company’s designated NAICS.
  5. Participate in a Phone & File Audit from a member of the HSE staff.
  6. Participate in a Field Audit from a member of the HSE which occurs on the contractor’s premises.
  1. Participate in a mandatory HSE Induction Training class held at our office location.
  2. Prominently display the Hard Hat sticker on your hard hat at all times.
Continual Improvement Reviews:
  1. Participate in a File Audit from a member of the HSE which occurs on the contractor’s premises.
  2. Participate in Management Field Safety Observation Reviews occurring in the field.
  3. Participate in Quarterly KPI Meetings to ensure contractor is staying inline with all stated requirements.
  4. Participate in Annual HSE Expectations Meetings conducted at a venue organized by the HSE staff.
  5. Be subject to an Annual Edgemarc Energy Management review for yearly annual performance grading.